about me


I’ve always been interested in arts. I taught American Art at Ege University in Turkey for 9 years. My master thesis was a study on the interaction of American art, literature, and urbanization in the years between 1900 and 1950. And my PhD thesis was a feminist study entitled: The Issue of Representation of Working Women in American Art and Literature in the Postbellum Era. While I was working as a post-doc researcher on comparative literatures at Sherbrooke University, I started to take some very interesting art courses in Montreal and was enchanted by the beauty of artistic and bohemian texture of this fabulous multi-cultural city. All the art courses and the workshops I attended and all the nice people I met in these courses led me to decide changing my career. Now I share an art studio, Studio 802 with seven talented artists in Plateau, Montreal. And I love it so much!!

In this blog I am intending to learn and explore my limits in digital drawings and vectorial illustrations. If I can have the courage I will also share regular series of posts that will go through the entire process of my first digital picture book I’m working on at the moment, from sketch to publishing.

how i ended up here...


  1. Mary and Max

  2. Death Note

  3. Ghost Hound

  4. Coraline

  5. Spirited Away

  6. Wall-e

  7. Ratatouille

  8. Fruits Basket

  9. Despicable me

  10. Avatar the Last Airbender

  11. How to Train Your Dragon


  1. Zits

  2. Get Fuzzy

  3. Ben

  4. Scary Gary

  5. Daddy’s Home

  6. Robotman

  7. A Hundred and One Uses of a Dead Cat

software I use

  1. Adobe Illustrator

  2. Adobe Photoshop


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